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125 Northern Highway
Kilmore 3764
Tel 03 5781 0901
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We at Highlands Saddlery are committed to supporting local equestrian events and as such, the demand for our sponsorship is highly sought after.

With a limited budget for Sponsorship per year, such requests need to be in writing at your earliest convenience.

In return for our sponsorship contribution we expect the following:

1. Certifcate of Appreciation (to be displayed in our store and website)

2. Photo of winner (also to be displayed in our store and website)

3. Our logo displayed prominently in the programme.

4. For larger events, an advertisement in the programme.

5. PA announcements acknowledging our contribution throughout the event, if applicable.

6. Our banner sign displayed at your event and returned afterwards.

7. Recognition of our donation on your website and, if relevant, in your club rooms.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.



ph: 5781 0901