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Safety First

5 Minute Safety Check Before Riding or Driving


  • correct fit of bridle,
  • stitching wearing out
  • buckle tongues rusting or bending
  • buckle holes tearing
  • surface of leather cracking
  • dry or brittle leather
  • hook studs and rings bending or cracking                    


  • sharp edges
  • worn rings and bars
  • cracked bars
  • never use chrome plated bits as the chrome plating can lift off bit and will lacerate the horse's mouth


  • rusting and cracking of the irons
  • rusting and cracking of the buckles
  • chrome plating lifting off which can cut the horse and your boots
  • worn stitching
  • buckle holes tearing into each other


  • correct fitting and length
  • buckles for cracks and bent tongues
  • buckles for rust
  • buckle chaps for dryness and brittleness
  • webbing for fraying
  • leather for dryness, cracking and tearing
  • girth causing gauling and chaffing


  • correct fitting
  • head of saddle for spread, breaks and jagged metal
  • waist of saddle for creaks, cracks and breaks
  • cantle of saddle for weakness or breaks
  • stirrup bar safety catches operating correctly
  • stirrup bars for bends, breaks and loose or broken rivets
  • girth webs for fraying and tearing
  • girth points for holes tearing into each other
  • lining lumps or bumps which could rub and make the horse's back sore
  • stitching at head of saddle and back of the panel
  • general check for wear and tear


If any of these are present bring your gear in for a safety check from our trained staff or replace/repair offending items.