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Rug Size Guide

Not sure what size rug to buy-click here to view our rug sizing and care guide

Fact Sheets

Traditional Use of Herbs- Any of these can be ordered in if not in stock

Laminitis - HighlandsSaddlery

Safety Guidelines For Driving - The Australian Driving Society

Drought Management - John Kohnke

Feed Quality and Alternative Feeds During Drought - John Kohnke

Drought Feeding Alternative Hays - John Kohnke

Alternative Hays and Roughages Table - John Kohnke

John Kohnke Newsletter - Equestrian Edition Issue 9 (May - July)

John Kohnke Newsletter - Racing Edition Issue 8 (Feb - April)

Talking Ponies - John Kohnke

Fattening a Thin Horse - John Kohnke

Feeding after Laminitis - John Kohnke

Feeding the Senior Horse - John Kohnke

Keeping Horses on Small Acreage - John Kohnke

Management of Cushings Disease-Syndrome - John Kohnke

Basic Horse Care - Department of Primary Industries

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