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Saddlery & Leather Care

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Effax Leather Cream Soap
Product Code Product Description Price
571 Effax Leather Cream Soap 500ml $25.95 Add To Cart
This cream soap with natural oils and extracts such as avocado oil, cocnut oil and aloe vera cleans and protects all leather products. Apply with a sp...More
Belvoir Leather Balsam (Carr & Day & Martin)
Product Code Product Description Price
4233 Belvoir Leather Balsam 500ml $29.94 Add To Cart
Ultimate nourishment for new or fine leather. Deeply conditions dry or cracked leather. Adds brilliant shine. Soft lanolin and beeswax formula will al...More
Nevr-Dull Magic Wadding Polish
Product Code Product Description Price
4573 Nevr-Dull Magic Wadding Polish 142g $26.95 Add To Cart
Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish has a 70 year track record of cleaning and polishing all metal surfaces. Easy to use and safe on all metal surfaces. Great fo...More
Ko-Cho-Line Leather Dressing (Carr & Day & Martin)
Product Code Product Description Price
3651 Ko-Cho-Line Leather Dressing 225g $24.95 Add To Cart
Ko-Cho-Line Leather Dressing renovates, softens, preserves and waterproofs all types of leather. Protects against mould and mildew. It does not rot st...More
Waproo Hi-Shine Sealer 500ml
Product Code Product Description Price
3491 Waproo Hi-Shine Sealer 500ml $23.10 Add To Cart
Seals leather dye, preventing colour fade and rubbing off. High gloss protective shine. Can be used on raw leather to retain natural look....More
Waproo Raven Oil, black
Product Code Product Description Price
78 Waproo Universal Raven Oil, black, 50ml $6.95 Add To Cart
Recommended for dyeing natural rawhide, carved leather, cowhide and vegetable tanned leathers. Also for dyeing and renovating all leather goods. Not s...More